Creating users and adding category-parents

As my development machine starts to die and I’m currently setting up the replacement I came up thinking of what is necessary to port the blog-project to another system.

To have it as convenient as possible an installation-script would be nice, but there are some prerequisites that have to be met beforehand.
A script for creating new users is one of these.

So today I started off by creating a new form in the admin area which can be used to add a new user. Here a username, email, password and a salt have to be entered.
To verify there are no typos the password and the salt have to be repeated.
As can be seen on the addUser-function, on adding the user to the database the password and the salt will be sha256-hashed and afterwards both hashes are combined, hashed again and that’s what will be set as pass in the database.

Another thing that was living on my todo for quite some time now and I wanted to move today was parents for categories.
So I took the existing form for creating new categories and replaced the dummy parent textfield with a select-box where the options will be filled with the results of the getCategories-call and an empty option at the beginning in case the new category shouldn’t be a child-category.
This added the need for checking whether the parent-parameter is none and adding the new category with NULL as parent.

After creating a new category without parent and another one that was supposed to have a parent I took a look at the database and saw… no parents at all.
How come? Well, I placed a $parentId = NULL; in the first line of the createCategory-function as the parent-selection was not implemented yet.
So removing the line and adding a new category with another category selected as parent the next call to the database showed the category with the previously selected parent.


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