Already some refactoring


so last time I created the basic login script, pretty much no hassle there…

While creating that script I also set up the first sql-Statement and a simple dbconnect.php script.
Well, simple is almost to much, the file literally only consisted of the standard opening and closing php tags and furthermore one additional line
$con = new PDO('mysql:host='.HOST.';dbname='.DB, USER, PASS);

Didn’t look that clean and not at all satisfying to me, so while I wanted to continue with the script which will be used to create categories I felt the urge to do something about that piece of code inside of that dbconnect-File.
So I took that file and created a new class Connection which houses a private PDO-connection and several public functions that will take care of the sql-statement related stuff.
– Huge plus, if I’m going to use another db, like postgres or even such crazy stuff like a Lotus Notes database I just have to switch out that connection class, not much hassle inside of the other scripts.
(Just kidding about that Lotus Notes stuff, I don’t know why one should go through the pain of using Notes voluntarily, but I got a professional background on working with Lotus Notes, so why not toss it in)

So I took the whole statement stuff that was living inside of the login-function (located within the helpers) and turned that into the first public function getActiveUserByMail which sets out a SELECT statement to the database and tries to retrieve a user by the given eMail and return the result as an associative array.

Having done that first thing to try is whether the login still works. Besides tackling some php-errors that originated from forgetting to create a constructor-function (and missing the n on that function after creating it), everything worked out pretty nice.

So I could go on creating the next public function createCategory which I think doesn’t need further explaining.
The processing script is just taking in the POST variables, verifying they are set and passing them to the createCategory function.
Along comes a small form for the creation, this, again, is not a big thing. A simple php-File which checks whether the user is allowed to see that page and redirects to the login-page if he is not.
If the user is allowed to create new categories he’ll see a small form where he can set the category name and select the parent category (if any).
As it really is that simple, it wasn’t a surprise that everything worked nice and clean on first try.

Right now I’m adding some more functions to the connection class, mainly the functions that come to my mind at the moment because I’m a little stuck with writing the scripts/forms and need to get all other stuff out of my head.

So long

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